XI.2011 STUDIO LOKO, Sopot

XI.2011 STUDIO LOKO, Sopot

II.2011 Frame design, Gdansk, Poland

VII.2009 Armchair, Artist Rasidence, Alcala del Jucar, Spain

III.2011 Fair "About Design" Gdansk, Poland

II.2011 HOUSE, Gdańsk, Poland

IV.2012 Kitchen, Gdansk, Poland

V.2012 Cafe Leniviec, Warsaw

V.2012 Cafe Leniviec, Warsaw

IX.2012 MURAL, Pruszcz Gdanski, Poland

IX.2012 MURAL, Pruszcz Gdanski, Poland

I.2011 "Galeria 63" Sopot, Poland

I.2011 "Galeria 63", Sopot, Poland

IX.2012 Flat in Gdansk

It is a good example how to frame the poster of the painting "Magic trip to Gdansk". I strongly recommend you to decorate your walls , the atmosphere in your home changes a lot.Flat in Grudziadz, Poland.

In the flat of Linuk's fan no necessarily has to predominate the grey color. The painting "Skiers" in the flat in Gdansk, Poland.

Friedrichshafen, Germany

Colorful Ewa, apartment in Cracow, Poland

The painting "SURGEONS" decorates the walls in the "Art Vein Clinic" in Gdansk. The photo is from the web page http://www.estheticon.pl/chirurdzy/art-vein

Flat, Bogota, Colombia

Collaboration with Lucreative, the jewellery designer.

Restaurant "Neighbours", Gdansk, POland. "Girl boss" meeting. Foto by Kussi.

Collaboration with "La Molienda", the colombian speciality coffee.